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After moving to Ottawa, my dressing style changed drastically. But being a true Indian at heart, I always felt more comfortable in Indian clothes. I realised how important clothes are and it gave birth to a desire to bring traditional Indian clothes to Ottawa.

After all, clothes are a basic necessity of life. They are like air, one cannot live without it. I strongly believe that clothes affect one’s nature and behaviour.

One who dresses well, feels good.

And thus, Preity Collection was born out of the passion that I have for clothes and the desire to bring the best of Indian fashion to Ottawa. We have a very diverse collection from Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi and my hometown Udaipur.
Visit and see for yourself the magic of the traditional clothes.

"They call us dreamers but we are the one's who don't sleep."

Priti Jain


548, Devonwood Circle, 
Ottawa, ON
K1T 4E5


Phone: +1 613-822-0464    
              +1 613-297-0707

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