We started out as a small shop back in 2000 and have now grown into a well reputed full-time store here in Ottawa, Canada. 
After moving to Ottawa, my dressing style changed drastically. But being a true Indian at heart, I always felt more comfortable in Indian clothes. I realised how important clothes are and it gave birth to a desire to bring traditional Indian clothes to Ottawa.

After all, clothes are a basic necessity of life. They are like air, one cannot live without it. I strongly believe that clothes affect one’s nature and behaviour.

One who dresses well, feels good.

And thus, Preity Collection was born out of the passion that I have for clothes and the desire to bring the best of Indian fashion to Ottawa. We have a very diverse collection from Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi and my hometown Udaipur.
Visit and see for yourself the magic of the traditional clothes.


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